Saving MarTech From Itself

The Un-Martech Manifesto was put together by us MarTech vendors that care. We care because we are not just Martech vendors. We’re also marketers, MarTech buyers and humans. The manifesto is a declaration of our core values and beliefs, what we stand for, and how we intend to market, sell and support martech. It functions both as a statement of principles and as a wake-up call to action to our entire industry.

The Manifesto was developed by marketers, martech vendors, marketing agencies and marketing consultants who asked ourselves: What do we stand for? Why are we still in MarTech? Haven’t we got Brinker’s 6,000-company MarTech beast memo?

Why do we like working with marketers? What are our strongest business beliefs? How do we want to be treated as B2B buyers? How do we choose to define ourselves as MarTech vendors? What changes do we need to make for our martech industry to continue to thrive no matter how many vendors on the MarTech Landscape Supergraphic?

Bottom Line: It’s time to create a better partnership between Martech vendors and marketers.

The 10 Commandments of #UnMarTech

1. The Message

We believe in a simple value proposition.

If it takes more than one paragraph and more than 30 seconds to explain what you do, try again. Don’t get us wrong, we love Simon Sinek and Start with Why but that belongs in our mission statement, not in our marketing message.

2. The Medium

We believe in communicating your way and on your time.

Regardless of your preferred channel of communication, be it chat, email, phone call or even a meeting if we’re nearby or attending the same event. You can have us call you during work hours or schedule a meeting online at a time that works for you.

3. The Marketing

We believe that your attention and your trust are the two most important currencies we could earn.

That means: We will never spam you. You’ll always know why we email you, our tech allows us to target with precision based on both your explicit and implicit signals, and if our emails are off for some reason, please reply back (we never use no-reply emails) or you can just unsubscribe in one click. Our content should help make you a better marketer (It’s not about us, it’s about you.) or help you make a buying decision. That’s it. There’s way too much content marketing out there and most of it is noise. If the content we put out there doesn’t help you, please let us know and we will change it.

4. The Sale

We believe in short and to the point sales conversations with product-led discussions and demos.

Our sales team is highly technical and well trained on your problem and on our product. No sales decks are used and there’s no beating around the bush. If we think there’s a good fit, we’ll show (not tell) you how we solve your problem with our product. Otherwise see No. 3. We don’t want to waste your time or lose your trust, and understand that we can’t be everything to everyone.

5. The Buyer’s Journey

We believe that this is your buyer’s journey, not our sales funnel.

Tell us how we can support you and other stakeholders in your decision and we promise to help (even if we’re not the right solution for you). Be transparent, we want to earn your trust not to take advantage of it, and if your decision timeline doesn’t align with our end of quarter, that’s perfectly fine. Like we said, this is your journey, and we’re here to make it successful.

6. The Agreement

We believe in easy, simple, and fair agreements.

Our agreement uses plain english so that you, your team and your CFO/ CEO can understand. We’ll send a you a draft for review and to make sure we got everything right. We’ll send you an electronic document when you’re ready to sign. Our Order Form is under two pages and our Master Services Agreement is published online for you and your team to read. You can opt out of our contract after the first 90 days if you don’t see value, no questions asked.

7. Onboarding and Support

We believe in always-on support.

Our hard work only starts when the contract is signed. We’ll deliver on what we promised and make sure you see value. Remember, though, that we can only move as fast as our customers, so please communicate any roadblocks, and we’ll work around them together. All of our standard support programs offer chat and email support during business hours with same-day response.

8. The Product and Data

We believe in easy to use and transparent products and in keeping your data safe and secured.

While analytics can get somewhat technical, we constantly strive to make our product easy to use so you can do your job and go on with your business. Product feedback goes a long way and we promise to deliver new features and improvements every month. The data in the product is your data. We just make sense of it. You should understand your data, the analytics and the insights. Connect it, use it in other products, take it with you if you decide to leave. We believe in interoperability and data portability. We make it one-click easy to connect your data to other systems. We don’t lock your data and don’t charge you extra for API calls. And if you decide to leave we’ll transfer all your data anywhere you want it. No extra charge.

9. Billing

We believe in delivering value not just invoices.

With every bill you get, we’ll remind you of the value we deliver in our product. If you don’t know why you’re paying us anymore, let’s have a conversation. If we can’t fix it in 90 days, you can opt out.

10. The Renewal

We believe in the right to earn your renewal every year. No auto-renewals here.

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